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This time of year is typically when both employers and employees buckle down for mid-year performance appraisals. It can be a stressful time for some for many reasons. From an employer perspective, performance management and annual or bi-annual reviews instill dread as managers are tasked with conducting individual performance reviews. However, despite the angst and stress that accompanies performance reviews, not much else is achieved as a result of the review, other than to tick the relevant box stating they have been done. This surely cannot be the purpose of performance reviews.
Posted on:
12 Apr 2019
In the past decade, failure to mitigate the adverse impacts of climate change has emerged as a leading global risk. In this issue of Corporate Insights we outline why it is essential that directors remain vigilant in respect of the policy shifts towards mitigation of climate change risks to avoid facing liability for failing to protect investors from exposure.  
Posted on:
10 Apr 2019
In this edition of Corporate Insights, we cover the reform of Australia's whistleblowing laws and outline the implications that companies will need to prepare for ahead of the new laws coming into effect in July 2019.
Posted on:
3 Apr 2019
It is perhaps not surprising that, at one point or another, a need will arise at the workplace for an investigation – formal or informal – regarding a complaint or grievance about a work related matter. For many employers, conducting workplace investigations is not only daunting but often mishandled.
Posted on:
29 Mar 2019
Introduction The financing of lease contracts by way of principal and agent (“P&A”) agreement is a common commercial technique to enhance the supply of business equipment in Australia.
Posted on:
18 Mar 2019
It has become a practice to provide our readers with a quarterly update of potential significant developments and reforms about which all employers should, at a minimum, be aware. We encourage our readers to start thinking about these issues and those aspects that may affect them, so they can take appropriate steps to protect their business.
Posted on:
15 Mar 2019
Butler Market Gardens Pty Ltd v GG & PM Burrell Pty Ltd [2018] VSC 768 Key points:
Posted on:
14 Mar 2019
In the Australian Competitor and Consumer Comission’s (ACCC) first ‘gun jumping’ case, the Federal Court of Australia has ruled that Cryosite Limited (Cryosite) is to pay penalties for engaging in cartel conduct through entering into an asset sale agreement with competitor company Cell Care Australia Pty Ltd (Cell Care).  What is gun jumping? When merger or acquisition parties are competitors and they combine or coordinate their conduct before the actual completion of the transaction, this is known as gun jumping.  What happened?
Posted on:
11 Mar 2019
So what's so special about Australia?  The white sandy beaches, the blue skies and warm days, the vast stretches of untouched land ... the clichés go on. What you don't hear much about is the steady growth figures, the favourable investment and business environment, the stability of the economy, and ... here also the list really does go on. Australia is prosperous.
Posted on:
5 Mar 2019
To maximise the likelihood of on time progress payments on a construction project, it is critical that contractors ensure that progress claims comply with Victoria’s Security of Payment legislation.  Here are 5 tips for a valid Security of Payments claim:
Posted on:
1 Mar 2019