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Who are Keypoint Law? 

Keypoint Law is a full service law firm, established by Keystone Law of the United Kingdom. Keystone is an award winning firm whose expertise and individual practitioners are recognised by Chambers and the Legal 500.  The firm has more than 150 senior lawyers, working across 24 different commercial law disciplines.

Keypoint builds on the knowledge and insight which Keystone Law has gained over a decade of proven performance in the UK.  We’re not imitating or copying a new model for legal services – we’re part of the original.

In what way is Keypoint innovative? 

Clients are serviced exclusively by senior lawyers, who provide a personal and dedicated service.  Lawyers set their own fee structure, without any billable hour demands by the firm. We use modern working practices and state of the art technology to facilitate flexible and mobile working. 

How does this improve the service provided by Keypoint? 

Our use of technology, lawyer pedigree and operational structure drives a particularly dedicated level of service whilst reducing overhead and eliminating duplication.  Simply put, we provide unbeatable service and value. 

What is the pedigree of a Keypoint lawyer?

Our lawyers have worked for an average of 18 years in the country's most respected commercial law firms and in-house practices. They join Keypoint in order to experience enhanced and more fulfilling client relationships.

Who are Keypoint Law's clients?

Keypoint's lawyers service a range of clients, including public and private companies as well as high-net-wealth individuals.