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Keypoint named one of the leading law firms for senior female lawyers


Keypoint Law is delighted to be named as one of the leading Australian law firms for senior female lawyers, ranked No. 2 in the Financial Review’s Partnership Survey 2017.

Women comprise an impressive 42.3% of the total number of Consulting Principals* at the firm and 75% of new senior recruits, a gender balance which hugely outstrips the average across the firms surveyed (26%).

Keypoint’s CEO Warren Kalinko, stated:

“We are incredibly proud to be ranked as one of the top firms for senior women.  Our flexible model offers all our Consulting Principals equal opportunity to grow their practices whilst balancing other commitments.  Whereas traditional models can present barriers to senior women, particularly if they have demands outside the office, our model allows them to maintain their career trajectory.  We all benefit from the gender balance within the firm and I see it as one of our key assets.”

Keypoint’s female Consulting Principals come from a range of practice areas including Consumer Financial Services, Estate Planning, Corporate, Litigation and Intellectual Property.  They range from junior partner level to practitioners with over 20 years’ experience in their field. 

Melbourne-based commercial law Consulting Principal Suzy Schmitz says:

“Keypoint’s model is inherently female friendly in a way which is unmatched by the traditional firms.   I used to think that having a family would lead to a difficult choice between home and building my practice, but working within this model is the opposite.  Since joining the model, my career has accelerated rapidly and I still get to spend plenty of time with my young children.  I have never felt so passionate, motivated and fulfilled by my work.”

Sydney-based employment lawyer Consulting Principal Shana Schreier-Joffe says:

“Working with Keypoint allows me to have a highly successful practice balanced with time spent doing what I love.  Supported by the lawyers in my team, I have flexibility throughout my working week and autonomy to plan my time.  I greatly enjoy the entrepreneurial environment and the sense of control over my own practice.”

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* Keypoint Law has a corporate structure and is not a partnership.  Our Consulting Principals are equivalent in seniority to partners.